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Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening


The 2017 interest payments are being prepared.
New Bonds are currently not being issued, but a few are available for
"adoption" from existing holders.
Please contact CKP Railways plc if you are interested in acquiring one of these.
The Bonds are not traded on any exchanges or markets. 

A meeting of Bondholders on 2nd June 2015 voted to extend the term of Bonds to 30th June 2018. 
More than 93% of the votes cast (by value) were in favour of this extension. 

All work funded by our supporters.  No grants or subsidies.

All funds go into development – no fat cats, minimal overheads !

Around £ 400,000 invested from sales of Bonds.

Please address all correspondence regarding Bonds to:


CKP Railways plc

1 Solway Park



Or e-mail: ckp@martindale.force9.co.uk


Bond Certificates are printed in full colour, A4 size, on a heavy parchment-style paper.

Several Bondholders have framed their Certificates and put them on display to encourage others to subscribe !


New Bonds are currently not being issued.
You could subscribe to Updates, buy books, videos, etc. via our Sales Items page.

Click here to go to Sales Items

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